About the company


Our company's main activity is the import of frozen meat from around the world and its implementation throughout the territory of Russia. We consider ourselves experts in wholesale supply of a wide variety of meat products:
  • horse
  • lamb
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • offals
We are also ready to discuss the supply of other types of meat against orders of our customers.


- are the largest meat-processing plants around the world, meeting the highest standards and quality control. We have regular meetings with our suppliers and visit their factories, so our partnership is built on personal contact and full understanding of the processes of production and sale of meat products.


- are meat processing companies, wholesalers and large traders. More than 200 customers across Russia trust us.


- is meat and offals frozen according to the latest technologies with a constant ratio of fat and muscle tissue, the products meet the highest standards of quality and have excellent taste characteristics. All the supplied products are certified and approved for export to Russia.


Everyone must make money in business. Well aware of this simple truth of the business relationship, we try to ensure that our partners have always had the opportunity to get profit by working with us. We have been building our relationships with suppliers and customers for over ten years. We have experienced both good and bad times together, so today our mutual confidence gives us significant advantages:
  • We have merited a reputation of a reliable business partner abroad, that is why we are the first to get interesting offers from suppliers.
  • profitably buying the goods, we are ready to sell them profitably for our customers and that gives our buyers a significant advantage in the marketplace.
  • Good knowledge of the market gives us an opportunity to anticipate its movement and atmosphere, and we are always ready to offer our partners the necessary goods at the right time and in the desired range.
  • We make direct deliveries of meat products from the manufacturers, it's a guarantee of the lowest prices in the market without the risks associated with foreign trade.


- is a long-term mutually beneficial cooperation.